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Client: Charles Schwab

Website: ownyoutomorrow.com


Charles Schwab is one of the largest banks in the US, and 2014 saw it launch a major new marketing campaign called Own Your Tomorrow. After years of marketing Talk to Chuck, their aim was to create more of a lifestyle focused platform that enables their clients to see the knock on effect of smart financial planning – and we were approached as the initial launch partner.

What we did.

At Black Tomato we are known for our award-winning and highly inspirational travel ideas. Using our travel expertise Charles Schwab wanted us to help leverage the notion of how financial planning can enable you to experience the world; and vice versa, how seeing the world can inspire you to live your life to its full potential.

Our carefully curated ‘Inspired by Experience’ section was hosted on Charles Schwab’s new website Ownyourtomorrow.com, as well as on its own microsite within Blacktomato.com. Covering a variety of different topics within the travelogues (from travel inspired by literature, to the corners of the globe that have reared some of the most successful people, to our forecasts on the next new travel spots) each feature was written in our signature tone; engaging and erudite, informative yet informal.

To cater for the visual nature of our client’s website we selected beautiful imagery to further bring each story to life. Alongside this we art-worked some of our favourite rousing quotes about travel and designed eye-catching postcards to engage the audience, as well as unique GIFs and typography videos which helped create movement across the page.

What our clients thought.

“This is great and really makes things come to life. Thank you so much for being great partners over the past months. You deserve a big pat on the back for dealing with our compliance.”


bespoke articles written


kinetic typography videos created


pieces of unique, engaging artwork
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